A freebie vintage photo and a little book in the making

 A quick hello from behind my worktable.

My table is filled with beautiful fabrics and laces, paint, threads, book papers
and a little flower from our garden.

We still have some flowers left because of the mild autumn weather.
I'm pressing some of them for use in my work later on.

Which I intended to do this spring and summer
but I haven't done so!

At the moment I'm busy with the pages of a little book in the making.

I paint some of the laces and fabrics and there's also a bit of painting inside the book.
There are also some vintage photos inside, which I edited in photoshop.

Like the one below.
Which is NOT a freebie by the way.
May be it will become one later on, but I wish to use the image myself first.
Thank you!

And I will use some of the beautiful blue roses fabric that you see in the photos.

Anyway, you'll see when it's finished.

Exciting news

But that might take a while, because good news is
that out of the blue a sweet lady asked me to make a custom book for her.

(Being not this one by the way.)

Which means she's my very first customer!

I'm thrilled and honoured!



Okay, on to the freebie then!

I'd like to share with you another one of the French antique postcards.
The girl you saw in my previous post.

Isn't she a pretty girl?

Free for you to use in your arts and crafts.
Right-click to open in new window so the photo will be enlarged.


Last but not least
a shout out for Marie of

who's celebrating her 5th blogoversary
with gorgeous giveaways.

Be sure to check out her beautiful and inspiring blog
if you didn't already.


So in the end it wasn't a quick hello after all.

I am a rather silent introvert person most of the time.
Well, in real life anyway.
But when I do open my mouth, beware!
Seek refuge!

You'll have to forgive me on that.

Wishing you a happy day!

Little presents

 Little presents...

made with love

antique French postcards
and little papers for crafting 

a little fabric heart
with a piece of old lace

gathered in a box of treasures
for a dear blog friend.

Wishing you a beautiful day!

L'amour d'une Maman - the making of a fabric mixed media collage

Some days ago
I promised you a making of
or DIY or tutorial if you like
of my collage
L'amour d'une Maman.

I know some of you really don't need a tutorial like this
because you're masters in making collages yourself.

But I thought it would be nice to share with you how I did it
because we all have our own ways.
And I warmly welcome every tip and trick you can share with me!

So here we go...

~ L'amour d'une Maman ~
The making of a mixed media collage

Materials needed:

an image as your center piece
a piece of thin cardboard
gel medium or a similar adhesive
distress ink (I used Ranger's Vintage Photo)
and ink applier
a canvas board of any size you like
several fabrics matching your image in colour
a paintbrush if you like (or your fingers)
acrylic paints (I used raw sienna, olive green deep and white)
see-through fabrics (I used a light and a dark colour for contrast)
(old) laces and lace appliques if you have any
embellishments (charms, buttons, chains, whatever you like)
some string to hang your collage with like a cord, twine, rope or chain
needle and thread (matching the colours of your fabrics and laces)
sewing machine (if you have one)
a drill or an awl and hammer

How to make the collage:

Another of my wall hanging cards + freebie

One day I stumbled upon an old photo
a so called tintype
of a beautiful young girl
with gorgeous dark curly hair.

One of the most stunning tintypes I ever saw.

For my sweet blog friend Ira
I made another of my wall hanging cards.
(Among other things which I will show you later, by and by.)

I found the original tintype on pinterest.
(With credits to Crafty Dogma.)
It was quite dark.
I altered it in photoshop so it could be printed
and used in arts and crafts.

And I love to share it with you
so you can also use it if you wish in your own work.

Wishing you a beautiful week!

Ps: I'm still busy with the "making of" that I promised in my previous post.
It will be online this coming week.

Sneaky preview and more antique French freebies

Autumn chills and rains have me spending more time indoors.
Which means more happy hours at my desk.

Surrounded by (and covered in) glue and threads,
torn paper pieces and fabric leftovers
I decided it was time again for some presents
from me to you.

Next week (if all goes well) I will share with you
a "making of" or a how to or tutorial if you like,
of a mixed media canvas wall hanging with fabrics.
Above you see two sneaky previews.

But here are two presents you don't have to wait for.
The back of one of the antique French postcards
that I purchased some months ago.
The original and a graphic version of it.

Free for you to use in your own arts and crafts.

Although I do love the sunny days of summer,
I must say I prefer autumn above all.
The decay of flowers and leaves,
the chilly and fresh air.

Wishing you a peaceful day.

And oh yes, I'm re-doing the look of my blog again.
That's me, ever changing.
Hope you'll get used to it, lol.

French antique card and a round robin page

Bonjour mes amies,

Hope you're all doing well! And yes, I still do exist. Just being busy.

Time for a little goodie from me to you. Another of my French antique cards.

Free for you to use.

In several tones.

When birds are busy

Hello sunshines,

Birds are busy
nurturing their youngsters.

Flowers are blooming
and showing us their beauty.
The sun is shining.
(Actually it's bloody hot here.)

It must be summer!