Have a break

Hello dears,

Hope you are all doing well?
Thank you for your sweet visits and words.
They mean the world to me!
I appreciate it very much when you take time for that.

At the moment for me it's time to take a little...

I really need to take some time to focus on my family and health.
So I decided to take a little break from blogging.
Though I can never promise you to turn off my computer completely
(addicted? hmm...)
and I will probably pop up here and there once in a while.
Or twice in a while...

I know I said this before, that I needed to take a break
and then wouldn't take one, lol.
But I must.
So here's a serious attempt this time!

(I think it's funny that you can see a little bit of
the word "not" below the word "break" in my photo.
It wasn't intentional.)


This week I chose the word prompt for

It is


Include a word or words in your photo.

I think words can be so powerful and meaningful
and I love love love typography
and found this very suitable word in a favourite magazine called Flow.


Wishing you a wonderful time ahead
and see you again soon!


Cup of eggs and blossoms

Hello hello,

There is another tree in the neighbourhood
that belongs to my favourites.

It has delicate blooms in spring.

(By the way, the tree is on public ground,
otherwise I wouldn't have dreamed of picking some flowers!)

Unfortunately, I'm no good in remembering names.

Thanks to you I now know what a Magnolia is...
Hope I'll remember this time!

Do you know the name of this one?

The little porcelain cup belonged to my late grand aunt.
I think it's so sweet and beautiful.

Blossoms, eggs and singing birds.
The happy things of spring.


Is the word dear Kirsty chose for us this week at

Hope to see you there!

Wishing you all a beautiful sunny day.


Spring is here! Meanwhile on my worktable...

Hello dears,

Europe here.

Anyone fancy some spring?

Let me send some sun rays your way,
because here the weather is so mild and sunny.

(WOYWW'ers: Second half of the post,
after my ramblings about flowers and yah... more flowers,
you can find the worktable part.)

Most of the times when I'm out and about I forget to bring my camera.
But luckely my cellphone has a camera too!

I have to say I'm getting quite addicted to Instagram at the moment.
Click, quick edit, and send.

These square shaped photos are all taken with my phone.

The tree above is my favourite one in our neighbourhood.
I love how the big petals of the blossoms make a soft tapestry on the ground.
Of course I forgot to take a picture of that.

But I also love how the sun shines through those beautiful petals.

And also through the petals of the tree above.
I love the effect of the light when a photo is taken against the sun.

In a forgotten corner are these sweet little blue ones...

Meanwhile, whenever I get the chance when it is not so sunny,
I try to finish a fabric wall hanger I'm working on.
Yes, well, it's taking a while.

So, here's what's on my worktable at the moment.
If you work your way through the bushes, you'll find this...

I'm still deciding on the hanging part
and on some other things.

But who cares really when there is sun to be enjoyed!

Who else is on my worktable?


An adorable little plant who found it's way to my table today.
Who could resist such a little one? Surely I can not.
I have a weak spot for wee plants.

I hope he'll enjoy his little place.
He got the best view, so I don't think he'll complain.

He had his own little name badge.
In case I couldn't understand him when he was introducing himself.

(And in case you didn't know, "Bambino" is little child in Italian).

Isn't that cute?

Oh, and yes, you're right,
months ago there was not a single plant to be seen on my worktable.

But there's an invasion going on now.
They seem to take over my work space.
As long as they don't quarrel, they're most welcome to stay.

No room for mess anymore on this table.

Space is becoming increasingly scarce!


So, here's my WOYWW for this week.

(WOYWW = What's on your workdesk Wednesday)

Thank you Julia for hosting!

Wishing you all a sunny day!


Blooms and Genevieve

Dear blog friends,

At this side of the ocean it's spring.
I know that some of you are still in winter cold weather.
Hold on dears, spring will come.
And soon too, no doubt, it's almost April now!

So let me bring you some happy spring blossoms.
I hope they'll cheer you up.

Lot of editing this time.
Just really having too much fun with pixlr and photoshop,
you'll have to forgive me.

At Our Beautiful World
this week's word prompt is


and chosen by dear Bonita.

When busy editing,
a beautiful study for a painting came to my mind.
It's by John William Waterhouse.

What is she thinking?

Perhaps she's writing a postcard to a loved one.
With mixed feelings. Like the card below...

Here's a woman, writing to a man during World War I.
He's a French soldier stationed in Germany.

Picture what she must have felt, when she wrote the card below...

It reads:

"Henri got another tooth, a big one.

She wanted to write him some happy news about little Henri.
Was this little boy his baby son?

And this beloved man, Célestin is his name,
did he return from the war?


I think this is one of the antique postcards I sent to Ros?

Please feel free to use it for your own arts and crafts.

Wishing you a beautiful Sunday
and a sunny week.

Footy note:

Actually, I'm NOT in a soft pink mood at the moment.
It's earthy colours and calm blue today.
But I had these photos prepared already, so soft pink it is!

Do you have such colour mood swings too?
And what is your colour today?

Tell me, I'd love to know.


The love of friends

Hello dears,

As promised waaaaay back...
I'd love to share with you today
the love of dear friends
through the beautiful gifts they've sent me.

Be warned,
photo heavy blog post ahead!

First of all
a giveaway I won from dear blog friend Suzy of


This gorgeous collaged broche.

She added a beautiful tag too.
I love birds and I had seen this beautiful image before.
So I was excited she had made a tag of it!

Dear Suzy gave me permission to use her beautiful photos of the broche.
The ones with ©suziqusthreadworks are all taken by her.

Just look at those gorgeous layers
and vintage girl image.

The ribbons and embellishments
and also hair of her very own goats!

And a rusted key, which I always love!
Isn't that beautiful?

It has the word "Gratitude" on it
which suits perfectly.

For I'm grateful for this gorgeous piece of art
of a sweet artist whose work I admire so much.

And I'm grateful for your friendship as well, Suzy!
Thank you sweetie!

And these also show some gorgeous flowers from her beautiful garden.

The beautiful bird image of the tag
is made by Viola of

Shabby Chic Inspired

and which you can find
here as a free printable for personal use.

She's another great artist whose work I admire very much.

Suzy of course added her personal touch to it.


But this was not the end of it.
I also received some gorgeous birthday cards
plus packages from dear blog friends.
(My birthday was a long while ago, so ya, I'm very very late in sharing...)

The cards in the order in which I received them...

First arrived a sweet package from Ros along with a beautiful and heartfelt card.

Just look at that amazing star plus what's behind it
(oh dear, I really don't know what you'd call it, lol).

Then came a gorgeous card and package from Charlene.

I love that gorgeous butterly!

After yet arrived another sweet package, this time from my Dutch blogfriend Ira.
She had included a beautiful card too

which you can fold into this...

So beautiful! Love it!!

And I was delighted with how she had wrapped some of the presents.

Kirsty sent me this beautiful card below.

Make sure to have a closer look at the gorgeous texture of the white!

Last but not least Ros said she forgot to include another thing in her package
and she sent it to me afterwards, along with another beautiful card!

With a beautiful texture of the white as well!

And here are the gifts they send me along with the gorgeous cards...

Of which I'd like to give special attention to
these handmade embellishments by Ira:

Aren't they gorgeous?

Dear sweet friends,
thank you so much for your beautiful cards and gifts!

I feel blessed to have become aquainted with you
through the world of blogging and crafting.
I treasure your love and friendship.

Thank you for inspiring me
with your sweet and generous kindness!


Wow, this was a loooooong post again today!

But I really wanted to share
the love and talent of some of my very dear blogfriends.

And I wanted to share them all at once
because otherwise I would have to choose which ones to share today
and which ones later.
And of course I didn't want that
because they're all so precious to me!

Wishing you a happy day!


Mind blowing { Google Friends Connect - Followers Gadget }

(It's under "Solution" down below.)

Hello dears,

Please fasten your seat belts!

If you don't have a Blogger blog,
then please just enjoy the images here
and ignore my ramblings.

If you do have a Blogger blog though,
then please do pay attention.
You may proceed :-)

After my previous blog post,
and changing the things on my blog.
I thought the troubles with Blogger were over.

Wrong answer.

"Oh no, Wendy, not again!!"

If you have a Google+ connection,
you can change your settings now (see tutorial link in previous post)
and after a while...
Google/Blogger has undone your happy change again.
Which leaves you with exactly the same problem as before.

Google rocks! Not.

But when you think that this is the only issue with Blogger/Google
then please think twice.

Turns out that a whole lot of Blogger users
(including me)
are facing problems with Google Friend Connect.
(And here it doesn't matter if you're using Google+ or not.)

You know,
the nice follwers-gadget in your sidebar where you can find your blog friends
and where new followers can join.
(The old gadget from Blogger. Not the new one from Google+.)

But not anymore.

It doesn't work properly anymore.
A lot of us can't join another blog through that gadget anymore.

On the product forum of Google
there are many threads with questions about this.
But no proper answer from Google so far...

Just so you know.

You might already have encountered this problem
and wondered what was going on.


Try patience and acceptance.
And may be add another followers gadget to your sidebar
like Bloglovin.


Kirsty, you rock!
Thanks girl for giving me this trick.

Okay, here it comes:

If you get a blank pop up window
with the text "We're sorry, yadayadayada" like I do, then do this:
Look at the Google Friend Connect gadget.
See those two tiny squares top right of it?
Click on those.
It will open the "follow" pop up window.
There you still have the same yada yada message in the box on the right.
Don't worry.
Next to the button "follow" (which doesn't work)
there is a button "more options".
Click that one.
On the next screen click on "follow"
and on the screen after that again "follow".
That's it!


(Little dance going on here.)


Google says they're working on it.
But honestly?
May be they just want us to use Google+
Step by step pushing us in the right direction.
Without properly informing us.

Thank you Google/Blogger!

Kind of mind blowing, isn't it?


Well, we'll see where the Blogger-wind will blow us :-)

All images are paintings and drawings by one of my favourite painters,
John William Waterhouse (1849-1917).

Wishing you a happy week.