Gathering flowers

When there are more hours of daylight,
every day a little longer,
when bushes and trees are growing buds and sprouts,
my mind wanders off to fields of flowers.
And I'm waiting for Spring to arrive.

This year I'm looking forward to some new experiments.
I'd love to try my hands on natural dyeing
of my fabrics and laces.

So I'm looking forward to gathering flowers
for splashes of colours.

Above a sprouting Hydrangea.
Can't wait to see those blooming again!
I spotted this one in the garden of the castle (or mason) from my previous post.

Back to my fabrics and projects.
Up till now I only dyed my fabrics and laces with paint.
On the card above there are watercolour paints,
on the card below I used acrylic paint.

Two completely different cards.
But both romantic and of course with flowers.
I couldn't live without.

Both cards are for dear blog friends.
The first one goes to Alice, together with the giveaway booklet she won.
The second card found it's way to dear Ros,
who had her birthday in January.


I'm grateful for the many sweet messages I received.
Thank you so much for your visits and comments.
It brings many happy smiles here :)

I'm off now, making my visits to your beautiful blogs.

Wishing you a beautiful day
and sending you love and happy smiles.

A castle and a winner

In southern hills, surrounded by woods and fields,
stands a beautiful and grand white house.

It's been called a castle, but I find it more like a manor.
Either way, it's beautiful inside and out.

My loved one deserved to be spoilt,
so I surprised him with a weekend stay in this romantic place.

Vintage lace and gifts received

First of all:

Thank you so much for the sweet comments I received this week!
I'm sorry I haven't been able to pay everyone a visit just yet.
My GYB post received a 100 comments!
Therefor my blog round is progressing slowly
as I make sure to read everyone's GYB post thoroughly
and to leave a heartfelt comment.



Recently I had my birthday
and I'd love to share with you some beauties.

First some vintage laces and fabrics I bought for birthday girl me.

Just look how wonderful this arrived in my mailbox!

Oh yummy...

There were two packages.
The one above had an old bobbin or spool or whatever you call it.

The other one had a sweet vintage label attached.

Both packages had lace hearts.

I think I'm going to embellish these beautiful hearts even further,
though they're beautiful as they are right now.
But my mind wandered along endless possibilities with these.

And here's a full picture of the second package.

Signs of Spring

Hello hello beautiful friends,

If you're looking for my Grow Your Blog post,
including a handmade little notebook giveaway
then please go HERE.

I'm still busy catching up with all of you sweet ladies who commented on my GYB post.
Thank you so much for leaving me so many and such kind messages!!
I'm quite overwhelmed...

My giveaway is still open till February 15th.

A beautiful ginger cat passing by on a cobbly street nearby.
Stopping to pose for a picture.
Hm, probably not.

Grow Your Blog 2015 plus giveaway (now closed!)


Hello hello
and welcome to the Grow Your Blog Party of 2015!!

Well, my spot in the party anyway :)

Dear Vicki of 2 Bags Full has generously offered
to host this wonderful party again this year.

Thank you Vicki!!!

It's a huge party with lots of beautiful blogs participating.
And it's all about sharing and exploring,
having lots of fun
and making new friends in the world of blogs.

So here I welcome you in my little nook,
where I share with you what my blog is all about.

And be sure to check out my little giveaway too!

Enjoy your stay and thank you so much for visiting me!


My name is Wen.

When you visit me, you'll find different kinds of hand crafts.

Like embroidery.
My adventures in the arts and crafts started a couple of years ago with embroidery.
So I'll start with a new piece of embroidery today as well.

A little embroidered brooch.

And here's a new project I'm working on:
a mixed media book with lots of fabric and laces
and also some of my drawings and paintings.

I love making books and collages.
Be it made from fabrics, laces, paper or whatever.

An example of a fabric collage:

Flowers are essential to me in both my work and life.

So you will find lots of those too.

For example in my embroidery pieces,
which are mostly incorporated in collages or books.
I plan to make more projects with embroidery,
like the brooch I made.

More flowers,
this time hand made fabric flowers.

And real ones too of course :)

Little hand bound mixed media book Cats

My little book is not a book in the making anymore.
I declare it finished.

Although one could always argue with oneself about that of course,
and keep on adding bits and pieces :)

Let's open this little book, shall we?

There's of course lots of fabric and paper,
and pieces of lace.
Some of which I dyed with paint.

Little pieces of embroidery.

And old photos with children and cats,
which I edited in photoshop.

A small piece of toile fabric,
of which I added more on the back cover of the book.

More embroidery.
And I also added some little paintings here and there.
Of course there's the curious looking cat painting on the front cover.
And below is a hint of a Wisteria, which I added on the top of several pages.

These are just a few of the pages.

Toile on the back cover.

In the photo collages below is the whole book.


Hello hello beautiful people,

What have you all been up to these past weeks?
Survived the holidays? :)

Here's busy-ness with paints and colour pencils and inks and such.
I'm following three online courses at the moment: