A fabric book in the making

Hello sweet friends,

Just wanted to pop in to say hi
and let you know everything's going quite well here.

Life is back to normal again after the summer holidays.
We've taken tons of photos and Cornwall was beautiful and magical!

At the moment I can't get enough of creating.
I haven't done any of that during the summer holidays.
There was just not enough time.

So there's a lot of busy-ness going on my worktable.
My mind is full of creative ideas.
More than my hands can make all at once.

One of the projects is a fabric book
of which here are two pages-in-the-making.

Mmm, wonder what I will put in that little cabochon setting...
Any suggestions?

Wishing you all well
and see you later
either here
or there
on your own blog!

New online workshop: make your own fabric and lace book

Hello dear friends,

Yes I'm kind of back from my summer vacation.
We returned today so I'm not really into blogging and/or creating at the moment
But I wanted to share with you some exiting news I received:

My bloggy friend Suzy from suziqusthreadworks
will very soon be giving an online workshop
on how to make your own fabric and lace book.

You can sign up HERE.

Big yay to Suzy!!
Of course I joined in and signed up as soon as I heard the news :)
And I'm very much looking forward to it!

Till later!

Big hugs from a lost-in-a-huge-pile-of-laundry-Wen.

A new series of photo editing tutorials by me

Hello there sweeties,

With great pleasure I'm introducing to you
a new series of easy-to-follow-and-do photo editing tutorials
that I started today on Our Beautiful World.

Like many of you I usually come home with lots of photos
after a wonderful trip to a beautiful place.
Impatient to see how my photos turned out,
only to see myself being disappointed by the quality.

The colours are too dull for example.
It looked so much more impressive in real life!

Thank goodness there are free online photo editing programs to help us out!

The first tutorial will help you brighten your photos
and give them more depth.

Summer holiday

Hello sweeties,

Just a quick post to wish you all a wonderful summer holiday
(if you have one that is, because some of you are in mid winter... brrr)

I leave some new work in progress on my worktable.

(Taken with my phone. The quality could be better, lol.)

This will wait for me when I get back
because there's no time left.

On the road we go!
Heading towards the coastline!

If you're interested:
I have made some photo albums on my Flickr page HERE
and a Instagram page HERE.

Sending you big hugs and happy sunny smiles!

Happy birthday OBW!

This week the linky party blog Our Beautiful World turned two!

Two years ago, Kirsty came to me with the idea of starting a photo blog
where people from all over the world could share their world with each other
through weekly word prompts or themes.

Together we created the blog and we started with a team of 5 photography lovers
from the United States, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Puerto Rico and The Netherlands.

There were some changes in the team since then, but the linky parties haven't changed.
It's still a wonderful place to mingle, share and meet.

So I'm wishing OBW a happy second birthday
and hopefully there will be many more years to enjoy!

Thank you Kirsty for taking the initiative to start with OBW!

This week there will be a little giveaway at OBW.

So hop over to the blog to read all about it
and to join OBW this week with the theme
TWO is better than one!


The photos in this blog post are from a card I made today.
I was playing with modeling paste and this is what came out of it.

With a vintage bird image from the Graphics Fairy I think.
The flower I made with old bed sheets painted with acrylic paints
and a button from the thrift store.

I love to explore and experiment and this was the first time I used modeling paste.

But here's a tip:

Please do run your card through the sewing machine BEFORE you apply the paste to it.


Wishing you a beautiful day!

Mail received, a sneak peek and a freebie

A while ago I purchased a gorgeous lace heart from Suzy of

Suzy is one of my favourite artists and her work always inspires me.
She has a great eye for colour combinations, beautiful images and gorgeous details.

Along with the heart I bought this gorgeous card.

On the card she added some of her own goats hair, which she dyed herself.
(Only the hair, not the goat ;)

The sweet and generous Suzy added some beautiful things to the package
which I can use for my own work.

Another package arrived.
It came from another generous soul.

After seeing my beachy works, she sent me these beautiful beach finds.
Sea glass, pottery, stones, all beautifully worn by the waves.

Thank you dear friends, you're so generous and such inspirational artists!
Big hugs to you!

And here's another sneak peek of my mixed media blog

And last but not least a freebie for you.
One of the antique French postcards I bought last year.

Free for you to use in your own projects.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

Sneak peek

Hello sweet friends,

Today I have a sneak peek for you
with a link that will direct you to a new fabric heart of mine.

If you want to know what this is all about,
then please hop over to

There's also a how-to included :)

I am behind with my visits to you
and will catch up with you later this weekend!

Wishing you a beautiful day.