Little hand bound mixed media book Cats

My little book is not a book in the making anymore.
I declare it finished.

Although one could always argue with oneself about that of course,
and keep on adding bits and pieces :)

Let's open this little book, shall we?

There's of course lots of fabric and paper,
and pieces of lace.
Some of which I dyed with paint.

Little pieces of embroidery.

And old photos with children and cats,
which I edited in photoshop.

A small piece of toile fabric,
of which I added more on the back cover of the book.

More embroidery.
And I also added some little paintings here and there.
Of course there's the curious looking cat painting on the front cover.
And below is a hint of a Wisteria, which I added on the top of several pages.

These are just a few of the pages.

Toile on the back cover.

In the photo collages below is the whole book.

I left lots of white space to add text on.
Quotes or memories or such.

Ah yes, there's also of course the crocheted little flower on the front cover.

(Two of these photos were of the making-of.)

I love the layering of soft fabrics and laces.

And I learned so many things while making this little book.

Some things I will do differently next time.

I think it's a charming little book and am satisfied with the result.
On to the next one!


And here are the three vintage images which I edited in photoshop.
Of course you may use them for your personal projects.


Just a few more days till the Grow Your Blog party of 2015!!
See you then!!


Hello hello beautiful people,

What have you all been up to these past weeks?
Survived the holidays? :)

Here's busy-ness with paints and colour pencils and inks and such.
I'm following three online courses at the moment:

A precious gift from Dorthe

Sometimes you see me doing a happy happy dance.
Who ever is closest by, I take him/her by the hands and swirl him/her through the room.

Today was such a happy day,
because I received the most beautiful gifts from dear

First my eyes rested upon the gorgeous card she made
with glitter, so beautiful.
I had seen it on her blog and oh joy to receive it in my mail!

Then I saw the wrapped gifts.
They felt soft
and I wondered what could be inside?

Dorthe is a very inspiring and very talented doll maker from Denmark.
I had seen her beautiful dolls many times passing by on her blog
and always thought, what joy it would be to see one in real live.

Well, I see double now, for I see two!

Oh my oh my,
the most gorgeous Christmas angel ornaments,
which she hand made herself.

Now you know why I danced and swirled through the room!!
My son was the lucky one who got swirled this time :)

Just look at their beautiful, sweet and happy faces.
They look so peaceful.

They make you smile, don't they?

Thank you thank you dear sweet friend!
You're truly one of the most generous souls and faithful friends
in the world of blogging which I know.
Your generosity is so inspiring!

I had sent Dorthe my latest giveaway and had never dreamed she would send me such gorgeous gifts in return. I'm awed and inspired. And I intent to follow her example.


Everyone is so busy this time of the year, me included.
I don't think you'll see me much around until the new year.

Wishing you all a beautiful and happy Christmas time
and sending you many smiles.

Christmas cards

Yesterday, I managed to make another two Christmas cards.

For which I crocheted two little flowers.

Card making and Wendy... mmm...
they're not exactly the ideal pair.

Quarrels and sighs and eye rolls and such.
Paper, glue, threads, buttons, fabric everywhere.
You get the picture.


If you'd like to use the images yourself
or are looking for vintage Christmas images or photos to use,

Footy note:

It's so nice to see how many of you sweeties
have shown an interest in tatting!
Have fun dears!

Christmas card plus tutorials and patterns for tatting

Hooray hooray!

I made a Christmas card!

I even dare say it's my first ever.

Many more to come, I'd say.

Although, you could use this card for many occasions.
Hmmm, so technically it's not even my first Christmas card, is it.


Mom said it's so dark and grey coloured.
She can be so encouraging.


Tatting tutorials and patterns

Some of you dear ladies told me you felt inspired to take up tatting.
So, I thought, why not share with you some tutorials
that really helped me?

A Spring Morning...

Well, after the dark hues of my previous post
I thought it would be nice to get back to happy Spring colours!

Dearest Dorthe of the beautiful and inspiring blog

Den Lille Lade

told me she received my giveaway package.

I know she loves birds,
so I added these beautiful blue birds to the gift wrappings.

I made her a card in the same blues and creams.

The little blue tatted flower on the card I made and then painted.

Tatting is something I wanted to learn for some time
but I didn't know how to
and didn't have the supplies.

But I do now!

The blue flowers below are tatted too.

Tatting - also known as Frivolité - is an old hand craft.
Done with shuttles or special needles.

I'm a newbie in this
and I still have to learn a lot.

Below is a cross I tatted.
Full of little and bigger errors!
But we learn from our mistakes, don't we?

My man and I are still very busy with the attic.
It will become our work room.

The rebuilding part is almost finished.
My man carries loads and loads of stuff upstairs.

Upon seeing my doubts of whether this all is so important that it indeed must stay,
he reminds me kindly of piles of craft supplies and fabrics.

Ah yes, but that is very important stuff dear!
Very very important indeed!

After which he smiles at me
and goes on with his busy-ness.

I guess that didn't work.

Here's one of the beautiful bird images I used.
Please feel free to use it in your own work.

The other birds come from the Graphics Fairy
and you can find these and others


Wishing you a beautiful day full of joy!